Brett Gosper Leaves For NFL UK & Europe

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

World Rugby's controversial CEO Brett Gosper has announced that he will be leaving his position for a new role with American Football's top tier organisation, the NFL, to become the head honcho over their European and UK operations.

Gosper came under fire most recently due to the car-crash interview he had with Dan Leo during the 'Oceans Apart' documentary of which he couldn't distinguish between what countries are in what tier... Something that has been a hot topic in World Rugby for a series of years.

The next important question is: who will take up the job moving forward? I have a feeling there will be an interim Chief whilst we await an election-style process, but surely this can only be a positive for the current state of the game; here's to hoping that the Pacific Isles and the other under-represented countries will finally get the recognition they deserve from HQ.

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