Could The Six Nations Be Rescheduled?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As we inch closer to yet another international competition with this years inaugural Autumn's Nations Cup on the horizon, we also have to remember that we are already involved in the build up to next years Six Nations. Usually at this point of the year, each home nations team would be facing stiff competition on tours to New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. With that out of the window due to recent COVID lockdown measures, we are going to be seeing familiar faces do battle in a whole new cup format.

Unfortunately, we still won't have crowds back in stadiums ahead of this new competition but what is becoming increasingly worrying, is that crowds won't be allowed back at all next season.

Welsh Rugby Interim Chief Steve Phillips was questioned yesterday by the BBC about whether the competition would need rescheduling.

"It's trying to figure out what are the benefits and there is a live conversation about this," said Phillips, "The obvious questions are, by how long do you move it for, and what does that achieve?"

Steve then went onto state, "But of course then you do get season congestion so it's anything but straightforward. But at least we're across it. Nothing's off the table. Like someone said to me, they managed to move the Olympics for a year so it's not beyond us as a concept if we all align on it."

It's too early to call as to whether the Six Nations will resume normality when we expect it to next February, but with the Championships rumoured closing, the Premiership losing money each week and fixtures becoming increasingly congested, it's more than likely going to impact dates, schedules and outcomes for the 2021 Six Nations.

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