Eddie Jones Suggests Using 9 FORWARDS against Georgia...

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Eddie Jones is no stranger to an unusual tactical line-up. One of the pioneers of the 'finishers' strategy and vocal in his use of Jack Nowell as a flanker, Jones always looks to ask questions of his starting team. However, this one is strange even for him...

He previously used the tactic of having 9 forwards on the pitch against Georgia when at the reigns of the rejuvenated Japanese team. He did it in order to out-muscle the large eastern European pack. It seems to have come full circle as he looks to employ the same strategy against the same Georgian outfit.

It was an upset when he originally employed these tactics, putting the very physical and imposing Hendrik Tui, typically a Number 8, out on the wing. Jones has always looked to use his English staples as hybrid positional players who can double up in the pack or in the backline.

"I remember last time we played them for Japan before the World Cup in 2015 we played with nine forwards, such was the strength of their pack. Maybe I will consider doing the same again," stated Jones when hyping up next weekends fixtures.

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