#icare: Women's Rugby

On Wednesday we heard the news of the Women's Six Nations being postponed, only to be shortly followed by the announcement on Thursday that declared a two-week break for the Premier 15's league. As far as bad weeks for Rugby are concerned, this has definitely been one of the worst! However, it's been ever-intensified if you're a professional working within that environment. Wales Fly Half and Bristol Bears alumni Elinor Snowsill has been trolled relentlessly on social media by idiot's claiming that they 'don't care' that the female sport has been left in a precarious position.

Snowsill wrote, 'Do those men trolling articles about women's Rugby genuinely think we are going to believe them when they say they don't care?'

'The simple act of commenting to declare the statement proves the opposite to be true; #icare about my sport, as do millions of others.'

This uncouth, unwarranted and childish abuse isn't new, Elinor first told the BBC of 'relentless' abuse in August 2019 after the BBC Elite British Sportswomen's Survey found that 30% of female athletes had been trolled on social media.

'What bothers me is the environment it creates and young boys and girls looking at that post, and seeing how many people don't care about it.'

Unfortunately this is a massive problem effecting sport at the moment; this misogynistic, prehistoric view of female sport is constantly in the conversation, detracting from the achievements that these athlete's earn. The fact that male Rugby players model their new kits and models are employed to present female kits is quite frankly disgusting.

Women's Rugby is an incredibly entertaining, exhilarating, growing and professional sport. Those athletes work incredibly hard to deliver in top level sporting environments and it needs to no longer be seen as an alternative game; it is the game. Any knowledgeable Rugby fan will tell you that Scarratt is one of the best to ever do it, if not, the best player we've ever seen grace the Rugby pitch. Her agility, match intelligence and physicality has made her a joy to watch for anyone who isn't stuck in the dark ages/has the Rugby insight of a baked potato.

I personally would love to see any one of these trolls try to stick it in tackle training with Woodman or Alphonsi. With all the grief the men's game is getting at the moment for being too boring, too defensive and too by-the-numbers, for goodness sake flick on the women's game! It's expansive, attacking, fluid and full of old-school pack moves. You literally have the viewing options available right in front of you, stop shooting yourself in the foot!

Photo Copyright Credit: World Rugby

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