Joe Simmonds Exclusion EXPLAINED

After a landmark week that rounds up a landmark year for Exeter Chiefs, I think we were all baffled as to why Joe Simmonds still is missing that England call up. However, reported this morning that England Head Coach and general Rugby S***house Eddie Jones has decided to explain why Joe Simmonds is missing from the squad.

"Number 10's are like Sushi Chefs, a lifetime's ambition to be good and that is always a work in progress" Eddie Jones stated... Not that the Karate Kid mantra really explained all too much.

"Honestly, I'm not here to talk about players who aren't selected, I've spoken to both of those boys to make sure they have an understanding of the situation."

Even as a Wasps fan, who is thrilled to see the inclusion of young Umaga in the team, I can't help but feel a bit 'miffed' about what Joe has achieved at such a tender age, without recognition from his international peers.

Eddie went on to say, "Ultimately selection is a judgement. There are people out there who think certain players should be in and people who think certain players shouldn't be."

I don't claim to know what the plans are moving forward, but I can only imagine it a decision based on play-style; Umaga attacks the line well and proved that in the final. I believe he does offer something entirely different from Farrell, however that never worked out for Cipriani...

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