RFU Cancel Adult Competitive Leagues

This year has not been kind to sport, there are certainly no exceptions when it comes to Rugby. As we all looked forward to lacing our boots up again after a 9 month lay off, we were hit with the crushing news earlier this week that the RFU are set to cancel adult competitive leagues up and down the country.

Grassroots Rugby has already been hit hard over the last few years with budget cuts, a lack of funding from senior sporting bodies and dwindling support for the Championship by the clubs battling it out above in the Premiership. It's meant calls for ring fencing have pushed the idea of a rags to riches story like Exeter's into our distant memories.

At my local club, the Old Patesians RFC, we've been told to wrap up our pre season training sessions, cancel our contact drills and put back our Scrum Caps into the boxes they spent last season in.

How many clubs will this have irreversible impact on? It's hard to say as the UK stares down the barrel of a wider shutdown, but it is a solemn but safe bet to imagine that not many clubs will see this period through.

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