Russell and Hastings are OUT!

After an underrated Six Nations which saw a young crop of new and exciting talent perform really well against some heavyweight favourites, Scotland have announced that they will be without their star fly halves for the upcoming Autumn Nations. What is even more worrying, is that the Scots could be without Hastings for the Six Nations too leaving the squad looking a bit thin for talent in this area.

However, we know just the man to take their place and he's got a fine lid on him too! Duncan Weir surely has to be favourite to solidify the backline and I believe it could be an interesting stylistic shift to what we have seen from Scotland over the last two years. A clever territorial kicker who's able to orchestrate an abrasive centre partnership outside of him at Worcester, Weir shouldn't necessarily need front foot ball to get the side moving in the right direction.

Does this significantly weaken this budding Scottish side? What are your thoughts?

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