Top 5: Worst Premiership Rugby Kits

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I never want to go another fortnight without Premiership Rugby again... We've almost been spoilt for choice over the last six months, with our beloved Premiership sides playing two or three matches each week; what a dream! With teams set to resume their Premiership battles this weekend, I thought we should take some time to reflect on some truly ghastly Rugby kits... Why? Well, I feel as if this year we have definitely improved our kit-game. The standard of aesthetics throughout the league is probably as high as I've ever seen it, bummer! Let's take a walk down memory lane and remind ourselves of how bad our favourite clubs once looked from a purely materialistic point of view!

5. Northampton Saints Away Kit 17/18

This garishly, goopy-looking, lime green number had the Northampton Saints side looking like bottles of Mountain Dew left scattered around the Rugby pitch. For some reason they chose the fluorescent approach, which is great for a night light or a highway patrol jacket, but not so great on professional Rugby players. They also tried to incorporate this weird fade out effect at the edges of each horizontal line; if this is what a Cyberpunk, futuristic kit looks like, then I want absolute none of it.

4. Exeter Chiefs Away Kit 19/20

Even though Exeter might have had the most success in their history with this monstrosity wrapped around their torso, you must think that each jersey has been thrown in the trash now that season is long gone. A lilac-hue sounds like a terrible indie band, not a colour scheme for a professional Rugby team. I don't hate the illustrations, but the two parallel chieftains on the front of the jersey make the kit look clustered and muddled; it just felt like someone was given too much creative freedom.. Stick to murals and leave out Rugby kits.

3. Newcastle Falcons Away Kit 17/18

The last three years haven't been kind to Rugby kits. This kit is like the Northampton Saints kit but it's fallen in a vat of therapy putty; you know, the grey stuff that people squeeze when they feel uncomfortable viewing an ugly Rugby kit? The kit was designed by ISC who have made some cracking Rugby League kits over the years, but this was a huge misstep. During Friday night clashes, once the kit got dirty, the players camouflaged in with the backdrop, looking like the definition of dullness.

2. Leicester Tigers Away Kit 12/13

Controversially, I don't hate this kit. In fact, I think it's quite striking, but in a good way like a strong mint or a John Wick movie. However, I have to include this on the list as it's historically one of the most hated kits in Premiership Rugby. Like a strong mint, it's colours scheme of white, light blue and navy blue are hardly befitting of the Leicester Tigers brand; in fact, it might be the most poorly represented kit in the leagues history. You could see a side like Bath siding with a jersey like that, but it should never be held aloft at Welford Road. It was a clear attempt to spice up a piece of merchandise to define it against kits gone-by; poor choice.

1. Worcester Warriors Alt Kit 17/18

If I were categorise why each kit on this list looks awful, it would go a little like this: Northampton (too fluorescent), Exeter (too complicated), Newcastle (too dull) and Leicester (terrible branding). This Worcester kit hits each one of those categories equally, an absolutely shocking feat. The eye-watering colour scheme of fluorescent orange and navy blue doesn't accurately reflect the Worcester brand built up over the last two decades, the kit has these increasingly thickening lines from the mid point to the edges that looks too complicated and artsy, and despite all this, it is completely devoid of character making it, by elimination, incredibly dull to look at. I don't know what they were aiming for here, it's an absolute hodgepodge of bright acrylics that should never be on the same palette together. Get it away from me!

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