TV Rights: BT Sport Still Frontrunners

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Despite hearing rumblings of an Amazon Prime switch for our Rugby broadcasting coverage, it still seems like BT Sport are the frontrunners for a new deal that could see their rights reserved for up to three years. It was rumoured that the £35m per year deal was actually rejected by the Premiership head honcho's, which we thought was logical as it's significantly lower than that of other, less supported sports, but apparently it was only a temporary rejection.

The Telegraph has reported that after the Premiership initially turned down the deal, it's now been raised to £37m per year, not the increase you would necessarily expect.

Premiership Rugby is now well off the steam for being in the top ten highest value broadcasting packages IN THE UK. It currently sits at a whopping £86m less than the English Football Championship (not Premier League) and £5m less than it's Rugby League counterpart. That's pretty shocking considering it's the UK's third most viewed sport in 2020, taking up 21% of the viewership and 27% of the countries sporting interest. Even considering BT Sports commitment to the deal and the COVID clause they have in their contract, this deal is 'grade A' garbage for both the fans, and the clubs who sorely need a cash influx.

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