Wasps Unveil New Logo... And People Don't Know How They Feel...

In recent years, we've seen a certain american-ization of branding in Rugby, from the weird Bristol Bears name/logo change, through to whatever Gloucester were thinking when they decided they wanted to change their iconic badge, to a discount Tiger's logo; shirts you wouldn't even pick up on the cheap at a flea market.

The latest to now jump on that trend are Wasps, a side that has gone through subtle rebranding changes ever since their move from High Wycombe half a decade ago. Dropping the London from London Wasps was a pretty simple step, and the kits that then followed were all consistently banging. Especially that saucy 100 year anniversary kit which is up there with the best kit revivals of all time.

However, this morning, their social media pages suddenly looked remarkably different, with fans flocking to comment sections to see who would jump first on having their opinion broadcasted and heralded.

It comes in the wake of Wasps' awesome transformation into being a multi-sport franchise; from a branding and social media perspective, I'd say Wasps are THE one's to watch on how a club can diversify and incorporate new sports into building a new empire. Netball, Women's Rugby, Men's Rugby, they seem to be pushing on all platforms.

What do I think of the logo? Eh, it's fine, but seems a little unnecessary. I guess a popular complaint has always been that the Wasps looked slightly bee-like due to it's chunky outline, I don't think the same can be said for this iteration. However, the weird podgy arms, the reintroduction of the four legs and the super-simple wings just make it look... Well... A little rushed right? I do think it looks a little more menacing though and it's probably the best badge re-branding we've had so far in the Premiership. I'll probably forget we even had a badge that looked anything different to this in a months time, but for now, I can't really say I prefer it, I dislike it, it just is.

This is all just one supporters opinion though, what is the consensus amongst the hive?

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