Women's Rugby News: 02/06/2021

It's been another eventful week for women's rugby, with a historic clash in the final of the Allianz Premier 15s taking centre stage, with Harlequins coming up trumps when it counted. Every Thursday we will be posting a rundown of all of the top news from the women's, if there's anything we've missed, make sure to drop it in the comments below!

Brazil Women's Rugby Rebrand

Brazil's Yaras, the women's International Rugby side, have now become the top South American women's rugby team, something they've maintained for nearly two decades now. They have won nearly every regional championship they’ve competed in since the turn of the millenium.

However, whilst the name Yara's was first used in 2013, the year after Os Tupis became the new name of the Brazilian men’s team, another side that was beginning to experience great success on the sevens circuit. Both teams then wore the same branding, something fairly common in tier two/tier three nation rugby, that is, until now. Under the leadership of former and current international players, a new brand has been developed for the women’s team.

Women's Rugby posted an excerpt on where the name Yara, came from:

The name Yara comes from the local Tupí-Guaraní mythology. The daughter of Pajé, she was a fearsome warrior who to avoid being killed hid in the rivers. This meant she was known as the “Lady of the Waters”.

The nickname Yaras signifies the courage and collective strength of women’s rugby in Brazil, and connects the side with the country’s roots.

See the full post here: https://www.women.rugby/news/639811/brazil-women-yaras-new-brand-tokyo-2020

Harlequins Rule the Roost

Harlequins, who were tagged with the underdog treatment ahead of last weekends clash, managed to overwhelm Saracens, despite Saracen's season long domination of the Allianz Premier 15s. That means that they have managed to secure the title for the first time in their history, with this 25 - 17 win at Kingsholm.

It's also the third meeting between both sides at the climax of the competition, with Saracens winning on the last two occasions.

A yellow card for Bryony Cleall around the midway mark certainly didn't help the London based side in keeping their crown.

Shaunagh Brown Powerful Statement

After being brought to tears by the win at the weekend, a defiant Brown said the game was "international standard".

"I challenge anyone to say women's rugby or women are not good enough because we are," she told BT Sport.

Shaunagh Brown, who was also one of the players of the tournament for England this Six Nations, has become one of the most inspiring spokespersons for both women's rugby and women's sport over the last few years.

"This is not just about rugby," Brown said.

"This is not just about the sport. It's about women. It's about women's sport. It's about putting us on a platform and knowing that we can do it."

"We have come out and put on an international standard of rugby in front of fans."

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